Course Management Systems Analysis and Development are divided between generalists and specific ones, but both types have contents aimed at Exact Sciences such as calculations and database. In addition, students also have practical classes, in which they must program systems and manage computer networks.
Course Management Systems (CMS) have become commonplace as the world has turned to online learning. An LMS allows instructors and students to complete the learning process online as easily as they would in a classroom setting
The duration of the technology varies between two and three years. Some institutions require the internship and delivery of the TCC to obtain the diploma. However, it is necessary to contact the college secretary to confirm which method they use.


This can make it easier for an educator, because he doesn’t have to do everything from scratch. It also has advanced reporting and analytics for course management, as well as the ability to do group projects that can allow for student assessment in team environments. The ADS professional can work with the creation of computerized systems in public and private institutions that involve technology or even in telecommunications companies.

According to data made available by the General Registry of Employed and Unemployed (Caged) in 2018, the Systems Analysis and Development professional was the occupation with the highest number of hires – approximately 51,100 – among people with higher education.

“The market has already realized that the technologist represents a more specialized workforce. In fact, many companies today do not even distinguish the type of diploma, bachelor’s or technologist, they want the professional to show that he knows and meets the requirements of the vacancy”, he concludes. Learning is another LMS with many useful features. It is aimed at elementary and high school as well as higher education, so it is not as focused on corporate training.

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